St. James the Apostle Parish

Mass Schedule

Lawrence County Catholic Churches

New Mass Schedule Effective October 28, 2018

  4:00PM St. Vitus
  4:00PM St. Camillus
Saturday 5:00PM St. Vincent de Paul
  7:00PM at Westminster College (only when
  school is in session)
    7:00AM St. Vitus
    8:00AM Mary Mother of Hope
    8:45AM St. James the Apostle
    9:00AM St. Vitus
Sunday   9:30AM St. Joseph the Worker
  10:00AM St. Vincent de Paul
  10:45AM Christ the King (at St. Anthony's)
  11:00AM St. Camillus
  11:30AM Mary Mother of Hope

Mon, Fri 8:00AM St. Camillus
Monday 6:00PM St. Joseph the Worker
Tue, Thur 8:00AM St. Vincent de Paul
Tuesday 8:30AM St. James the Apostle
Wed, Fri 7:00AM Mary Mother of Hope
(in CCD Chapel)
Wednesday 8:30AM St. Vitus
Thursday 8:00AM Christ the King (at St. Anthony's)