St. James the Apostle Parish



Michelle Smith and Greg Goodrum celebrated the sacrament of Matrimony at St. James recently.  We thank them for the witness of their great love for each other, a sign to us of the unconditional love God has for each of us.  May God forever bless and guide them as they embark upon their married life together!

Wedding Guidelines

Weddings are a special and joyful time for our parish and for the bride and groom, joining together as one before God, family, friends, and the parish community. Matrimony is an important sacrament in the Catholic Church and Christian faith.  As such we take great care that the liturgy is celebrated in a reverent, graceful, and beautiful way.  In this spirit, St. James Parish provides a booklet of guidelines to acquaint you with the directives of our parish community.  Contact Sr. Zoe Ann for a copy of the booklet.

Following are some contacts for marriage ministries sponsored by the Diocese of Pittsburgh.  For more information on any of them, call the number listed or contact Sr. Zoe Ann.

Marriage Preparation

St. James Parish provides a Sponsor Couple program to help engaged couples prepare for the sacrament of Matrimony. A trained married couple provides hospitality by inviting the engaged couple to their home for five dialogue sessions.  An alternative program is the Engaged Encounter weekend.  Check the Diocese of Pittsburgh website for weekends scheduled in various locations throughout the year.  Consult with Sr. Zoe Ann about the Marriage Prep options.     


1) The first step couples need to take when they become engaged is to call Sr. Zoe Ann Reiter (724-964-8276 ext. 15) at least six months before the proposed wedding date in order to discuss the marriage preparation offerings and to discuss a date.

2) Call Deacon John Carran (724-964-8276 ext. 12) to schedule a meeting to discuss eligibility to be married in our church and to complete all necessary paperwork.

3) Call the Music Director Brenda Kostial (724-964-8276) to schedule a meeting with her to discuss the music and specifics of the liturgy.

4) Call the Parish Wedding Coordinator, Jamie Beck (724-698-7111) who will help with the logistics of the ceremony, the rehearsal and other questions or concerns you may have.

Engaged Encounter

     Marriage Preparation Weekend for engaged couples

     Contact Brian & Nancy Stevens at 412-861-0262

Marriage Encounter

     Inspirational Experience for married couples

     Contact Mary & Lou Locante at 412-635-7775 

Retrouvaille (Help for Troubled Marriages)

     Weekend with private time & confidentiality

     Contact or

     Rich & Marianne  Mader at 1-800-470-2230 

     or 412-277-3434

Natural Family Planning Contact numbers for information on NFP include the following:

     Jacki Pleska 724-747-2470; 

     Dolores Shipe 412-732-0502;

     Micha Peters 412-766-4053