St. James the Apostle Parish

Intiation Ministy - RCIA

St. James Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

A wonderful journey awaits those adults thinking about becoming Catholic.  It is also available for those adults who were baptized Catholic, but never celebrated Confirmation or Eucharist.  Our team of presenters and companions journey with the adults inquiring into the Catholic faith.  This process covers many months and a wealth of topics and spiritual experiences, reaching its high point at the Easter Vigil Mass when new members are fully initiated into the Church.  It is a joyous experience for all involved.  If you know of someone who may be interested in learning more about the Catholic Church, please call Sr. Zoe Ann.  Thank you.



RCIA inquiry sessions have begun and continue at 7:00 PM on Thursday evenings at Mary Mother of Hope Parish in downtown New Castle.  Inquirers from all the parishes in the area meet together for the sessions.

Know someone who is interested in learning more about the Catholic Church or just wondering about our Catholic way of life?  Invite them to call Sister Zoe Ann at the parish office, 724-964-8276 for information about our initiation process.