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This week's trivia answer

TRIVIA ANSWER:  Letter B) an evangelist

St. Matthew is one of the four evangelists.  (You probably remember that the other evangelists are Mark, Luke and John.)  “Evangelium” is the word for “Good News,” which is “Godspell” or “Gospel” in English.  So an evangelist is the person who wrote the Good News of Jesus Christ, which we commonly call the Gospel.  Throughout this entire year we are listening to the Gospel of Matthew at Mass each Sunday. Next year we will hear the Good News according to the evangelist Mark every Sunday and then the Gospel of Luke the following year, completing our 3-year cycle.

Matthew’s Gospel composed around the year 85 is generally arranged in an alternating pattern of narrative and discourse.  Intended largely for Jewish believers in Christ, the Gospel portrays Christianity as consistent with the Jewish tradition and a continuation of it.  Tradition holds that Matthew (Levi) was a tax collector that Jesus called to be an apostle and to preach in Judea and in Ethiopia, where he was martyred.  He is symbolized by the winged human being, one of the four “living creatures” referred to in Ezekiel and Revelation.  Matthew is the patron saint of accountants and custom officers.   

So, on Thursday, St. Matthew’s feast day, or any day this week, get all your accounts in order, read a chapter or a few verses from this evangelist’s Gospel, and help to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in your own way, by word AND deed!

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