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Throughout the new liturgical year of 2019, we will hear the Gospel of Luke proclaimed at Mass most Sundays. We have a 3-year cycle of Bible readings at Mass in the Catholic Church and in most Christian Churches.

2017—“Year A” Matthew’s Gospel 

2018—“Year B” Mark’s Gospel

2019—“Year C” Luke’s Gospel

2020—“Year A” Matthew’s Gospel 

This rotation of readings at Mass affords us the opportunity to hear each of the Gospels proclaimed almost in their entirety over the course of three years. The Gospel of John does not have its own year, but is read occasionally during each of the three years on major feast days and special solemnities.

Since we will be reading from Luke this year, you may want to spend some time becoming familiar with his life and his Gospel. Tradition tells us that Luke was not a Jew, but a Syrian from Antioch writing his Gospel in Greek for Gentile Christians around 80-90 A.D. He is also the author of the Acts of the Apostles.

For more information about the author and the Gospel, you might read the introduction to Luke’s Gospel in your Bible or online. Visit the website You can also find all the Bible readings for Mass each Sunday at this website and a brief video reflection. 

In the meantime, get your Advent wreath looked up, if you haven’t already done that. The second week of Advent is NOW! 

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