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This week's trivia answer

TRIVIA ANSWER: Letter A) depends on which Gospel you are reading

How many beatitudes are there? Ah, this was a tricky question today, wasn’t it! In Matthew’s Gospel when Jesus gives his Sermon on the Mount, there are eight blessings which we call beatitudes. So if you chose answer C, you were “kinda” right.

But in Luke’s Gospel (which we hear proclaimed at Mass today and all this year) where Jesus is speaking not on a mountain, but on a plain, there are four blessings and then four woes. So letter B could be a good choice, too.

But, no matter the number and no matter which Gospel you read, all of the beatitudes tell us what will make us happy in the long run, maybe not today, but ultimately, yes, we will experience true happiness. And what is that? It can be summarized in one basic and all important beatitude. “Blessed is the one who trusts and hopes in God.” It sounds almost trite, doesn’t it, so easy to say, and yet so challenging to really live. But we who believe are called to adopt this as the basis of our lives and our faith, not in a naïve way, but in a realistic, faith-filled way! In spite of any suffering, be it financial difficulties, struggles with relationships, sickness, hunger, sorrow, persecution, even death itself, we are called to remember that none of this will be the final word. God will not abandon us to these or any other threats. The last word is always God’s. If this is our attitude, then we live the “be-attitudes” by trusting always in God!

This “beatitude attitude” describes how Jesus lived his life. Does it describe my life too? Remember the old saying that attitude is everything. What attitude toward life determines my way of behaving? How do I live as a “be-attitude” person every day?

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