St. James the Apostle Parish

RCIA – Becoming Catholic

Want to learn more about becoming Catholic? Or are you just wondering about our Catholic way of life? Call Sister Zoe Ann at the parish office, 724-964-8276 for information about our initiation process.


  • A special and joyful WELCOME and CONGRATULATIONS to our newest Catholic at St. James, JASON MATHIESON, our neophyte (newly baptized), who celebrated all the Easter sacraments at the Easter Vigil. Accompanied by his godparents, Pete Pascale and Elizabeth Wilson, and his wife Katie Mathieson, Jason was baptized, confirmed, and then fed at the Table of the Lord with the Eucharist. We are so happy that he was chosen by God to be initiated into our church and we celebrate our kinship with him in Jesus Christ! Alleluia!
  • CARDS OF WELCOME: On the tripod in the narthex there is a poster with a picture of Jason. We invite you to take an address label for him from the envelope on the poster and then mail him a congratulatory note or a card welcoming him to our parish.